Jag Lysander Reeves: Energy Healing, Numerology and Numerology Charts

Jag is an energy healer who specialises in guiding and supporting people through the process of personal crisis and change.

Jag Lysander Reeves

     Jag specialises in energy healing and numerology, using both modalities to clear limitations from his clients, helping to balance, harmony and grace and unlock personal power.

He focuses on guiding and supporting people through the process of personal crisis and change. A significant aspect of this work is to identify and resolve their physical and psychological tensions, along with the underlying fears.​ As the truth of any situation is illuminated, it can be met and transformed.

Jag also is an expert in numerology, which unlike astrology, does not require you to know your time of birth. Numerology could be described as a psychology of numbers. Each number represents a quality of human expression and experience. A chart is created using an individual’s date of birth and their exact name at birth (each letter is allocated a number). The totality of these numbers, the chart, reflects what you could see as the individual’s blueprint or map for life.

To learn more about Jag, book a session or request your numerology chart email: kahli@kahli.life