Penelope Austin: Tarot Reader and Astrologist

Penelope is a gifted tarot reader and astrologist, giving you answers to your most important questions.

Penelope is a modern mystic, whom gifts were discovered at a young age. Having realised early that she was able to connect with the afterlife and read energy, it was the death of her mother at the age of fourteen that catapulted her desire to connect, heal and learn. She set voyage to connect with healers, mediums & spiritual teachers around the globe, to enhance her skills and develop a higher state of consciousness so she could use these tools to help others.

Penelope uses her clairvoyance & mediumship alongside the tarot to help navigate any life situation, gain clarity on specific circumstances & access reassurance strength & confidence. Like how the loss of her mother propelled Penelope into the spiritual world, her second awakening catapulted her into the Nuero Linguistic Programming – the effect our thoughts have on creating our future & moulding our circumstances. Penelope is a licensed NLP practitioner, a modality she encountered having experienced extreme trauma at the age of 30 years old. Penelope practised the power of the mind and dedicated years of visualisation, focus and mediation to manifest herself back into health, alongside medical intervention and rehabilitation. She discovered that both scientific and spiritual practices were needed on her journey to recovery & believes now that one without the other slows the process. She promised should she recover, she would dedicate her life to helping others in all areas of their life.

She believes that with proper eduction of the brain, how we talk to ourselves & having the ability & techniques to silence our inner critique, we have complete control over our destiny. Penelope can give you the tools to access the life you desire, develop your awareness and the access the insights needed on how to best propel yourself forward via immersing her clients into the magical world of tarot and accessing your truest most authentic self by living your most divine truth.

Penelope is available for video and phone calls to help you through your situation and give you guidance.

To find out more about Penelope or book a session email:

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