The Retreat – Deepening Consciousness for Hoffman Graduates

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Deepen your inquiry into the psychological and spiritual dimension with the teachings of the enneagram. A highly experiential Hoffman style retreat for a fun and a brighter you.

‘The Retreat’ is an all inclusive residential retreat offering an advanced integration training program for Hoffman Graduates that utilises a powerful combination of the Hoffman Tools alongside Family Constellation work and the wisdom of the Enneagram.

With expert facilitation by Jutka Freiman (Psych, Senior Hoffman Facilitator and International accredited Enneagram Trainer, Director of Advanced Program Design) and Volker Krohn (MA Psych., Family Therapist and Director of the Hoffman Centre), this exciting program is imbued with more than 60 years of combined practise.

Expect to expand your consciousness and develop your spiritual practice, transmuting the energy caught up in unconscious behaviour.

These 5 days will enable you to transform, transcend and deepen into being and into the light. You will be guided into a deep engagement with the Enneagram system and will be able to locate your own Enneatype structure and the inherent gifts of your type. You can expect to be further supported on the spirit guided path through your life’s journey.

What others have said:

“An incredibly impactful, life changing and life affirming experience. Taking what was learned at the Hoffman Process and deep diving into understanding myself at The Retreat has given me invaluable tools for my road ahead. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
– Erin S.

“For a leader, self-understanding is essential to connect with, inspire, motivate, and effectively lead others. ‘The Retreat’ gives you rapid access to deep self-understanding while equipping you with the tools and compassion needed to help everyone perform better together.”
– Ron Kaufman, New York Times Bestselling Author

“The Retreat is the most spiritually enlightening and rewarding thing I have ever done. It has changed the lens on how I view and experience my life and given me a pathway to become my best self. I cannot describe the wonderful feeling I experiences and a real lightness from casting off some old tired beliefs and patterns.” – Miles Mainwaring

“The Retreat takes HP and puts the toolkit and knowledge on steroids. The depth, the widening and the opportunity for personal transformation is a heroine’s journey and worth every moment of every precious day. The humanity of the teachers is testament to the quest for ongoing growth and life’s momentum.
Go and GROW!” – Bec Brideson

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