Candice: Intuitive, Past Life Regression

Candice is a past life regression therapist, kinesiologist and intuitive.

   For the last seven years, Candice has helped her clients heal the deepest part of who they are, their souls. Through kinesiology and her gifts in the modalities of soul reading (from pre-conception to adulthood) and past life therapy (yours and your ancestors), she has helped her clients connect to their own higher wisdom so they can learn to love, embrace and lead their lives more fully.  

As a kinesiologist and intuitive she is able to access information about a person’s physical, mental, emotional well being. Kinesiology embraces Eastern wisdom and western techniques by combining traditional Chinese medicine, muscle monitoring and energy balancing to locate the source of stress in your body and soul. Stress we experience can cause imbalances in our bodies which can impair our body’s ability to function and affect our well being. Over time, these disruptions affect our energy flow and can lead to physical and emotional problems. Candice identifies the elements which inhibit the body’s natural internal energies and encourages transformation and the life enhancing potential within the individual.

Via past life reading (your own past lives, but also those of your ancestors), she is talented in unlocking and understanding the key issues that may be holding you back in your life but also understanding the bigger picture of your soul’s journey. Candice will take you back through past lives and identify how old stories, relationships and perceived karma may be shaping you today, creating limiting beliefs in your current situation and how these limiting beliefs can be dissolved and transformed. You will also tap into your inner forces and your souls path to grow, evolve into the best version of yourself and embrace a happier life.

Candice has a special connection with souls at the start of their new lives. Over the years she has helped many parents-to-be welcome souls into their lives and connect to them on a deeper lever. She helps parents with infertility issues but also communicates with babies in-utero, new borns, babies and children, helping them fully embrace their new lives and co-create a deep, nourishing and unconditionally loving bond that will carry them throughout their lives.

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