Ruda: Brazilian Shaman

Ruda is a Brazilian shaman trained in the mind, body, soul connection, and how to connect with our personal power.

Rudá began his dedication to naturopathic therapies from the age of fifteen, before living with and learning from indigenous shaman in the Amazonian rainforest over many years. His next challenge was to bring the lessons from ancient cultures and shamanism back to modern society, as a scientific discipline.

While working with Marina Abramovic and high profile clients, he made the leap into coaching and consulting for corporates after realizing there is often a disconnect between an individual’s potential and what they allow themselves to achieve.

He now travels to New York, LA and London working with entrepreneurs and companies who want to tap into their creative power, and push past personal barriers to conquer their professional goals. The emphasis for business is discovering the unconscious processes that shape belief, and how with practical strategies, individuals overcome limitations.

Rudá has been profiled by the Huffington Post, Virgin and the film The Space Inbetween.

To find out more about Rudá or book a session email:

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