Q&A with Kahli Guide Jag

Learn more about the dynamics of energy healing and numerology from Kahli Guide Jag Reeves.


Jag is an energy healer who specialises in guiding and supporting people through the process of personal crisis and change.

He works to clear limitations from his clients, helping to balance, harmony and grace. Jag is based in London and Paris, but you can book a video session or call with him from your home. 

How would you describe yourself?


Over the course of my life I have experienced many of the great and painful difficulties and struggles that come with being human. Some of these struggles continue whilst others have been transformed into a catalysing force for peace, love, wisdom, humour and other qualities that make up ‘me’.

My life path has been in many ways different, individualistic, alternative, despairing, rebellious, sometimes strange and often seeking for my place in the world.

You could say I am many things and yet none of them too.

I’ve always had a natural inclination to the mystical and spiritual. Having tried to find myself in the many paths of others I have come to see myself as sovereign, independent, intuitive, mischievous and playfully irreverent. I also recognise the many contradictory, conflicted and seemingly paradoxical parts that make up ‘me’ and by default all of us. I’ve always been inspired to understand what drives us.

Professionally and personally I play the role of the guide, and in many ways that of a spiritual father – one who is kind, paternalistic and gentle, yet clear, commanding and when necessary, uncompromising – who takes the hand of clients and others and guides them through the often painful process of being human.

This work is a great love to me. It gives me much pleasure to witness the illuminations and blossoming that happens for others along the way.


What is energy healing, and the other modalities you offer to clients?


Energy relates to the subtle forces in and around us that shape and move our physical bodies and the physical world. This is often seen as the flow in meridians and chakras, also the inherent subtle energy of our thoughts and feelings and their impact on our environment. Healing relates to a process of harmonisation, in which various forces are balanced, releasing pain and contraction, on all levels, and supporting a return to health and wholeness. Therefore, energy healing is simply working with those subtle forces to encourage a return to health, peace and wholeness.

An important aspect of my work is spiritual counselling, a process whereby I guide clients into finding and connecting with their own inner truth and sovereignty in which the source of their struggle is illuminated. Another modality I offer to clients is numerology birth chart readings. These charts are deeply insightful and revealing, to both me and the client, and add to the potency of the work. Charts are also incredibly useful in revealing relationship dynamics and life path and purpose.


How does energy healing help people? 


Energy healing can help with so many different situations as it aims to get to the root cause of any stress, struggle or conflict, even in the case of physical illness. As the actual cause of a situation is revealed, the confusion, paralysis and difficult emotion begins to release. Energy healing is effective in resolving emotional and psychological challenges such as anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, and stresses of all kinds; it supports and encourages physical healing; helps to resolve relationship conflict and breakdown; and spiritually opens the way for people to find peace and contentment and their right place in the world



What self care or spiritual practices do you do on a daily or regular basis


I no longer have a regular practice as such that I adhere to. Its more natural for me now to intuitively regulate, so when I’ve been busy and need to be quiet and re-charge I sit down and meditate, or I may just lie on the floor. When I feel emotions bubbling up to the surface and unmet parts of me calling for attention, I sit and talk with them, and work gently to release the accompanying limiting beliefs. I like to prepare fresh food and cook; to take fairly regular physical exercise and to sit in my garden, breathing in the sun and the hills. I love to receive massage, bodywork and healing; love to read and write and simply be with the people I love.


Do you have any stories of how you have guided people on their journeys? 


There are many stories that I could offer. They are often of wonderful realisations that suddenly change the entire landscape of a person’s life.

Sometimes people have come with a great anxiety or panic, shattering heartache, persistent physical pain or heightened angry stress and left feeling calm, balanced, peaceful and again able to respond appropriately to the world. Often people have no real sense why exactly they feel so bad and are looking to connect with their inner world which has been much neglected.

Sometimes there is a significant shift within a session and sometimes this opening happens over time and a number of sessions. I have seen dysfunctional and destructive behavioural patterns soften and ease with emotional maturation. Often where a session has become challenging with deep resistance or trauma emerging I have seen it reach a crescendo and then suddenly turn around into a beautiful and embracing transformation. It is magical to behold.

That said, I would like to emphasis all the times I have sat with people who are simply desperate, broken, at war with the world and themselves, who feel powerless, helpless, insignificant, invisible, unheard, unseen and unloved and for whom to be simply met and listened to by a present, caring and loving other that wants nothing from them can be deeply healing. To know that someone is always there when they have believed previously no one cared whether they lived or died can often be all that’s needed. Also, for some, to be met by an uncompromisingly truthful yet loving approach with them can also be a liberating experience.

There is an energy that comes through into a session where we are both cradled in a deeply unifying love which for me is healing in its purest form.


How can people connect with you? Video sessions? Upcoming retreats with you? 


Currently a majority of my work is online, via Skype. I do also offer some in-person sessions in London, UK and at my home on the south coast of England. Bodywork and hands on healing are available too when meeting in-person.

I have no retreats scheduled at this time though do offer personal, one to one healing days where you may come for a full day or two of intense healing work that is designed to open you to great change. You are also welcome to stay with me if your visit is for more than a day.

To learn more about Jag, book a session or receive your own numerology chart email: kahli@kahli.life

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