How To Manifest, For Real

Manifesting is your ability to hold a vision so strong that it changes the material outcomes you then experience.  

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Manifesting is your ability to hold a vision so strong that it changes the material outcomes you then experience.

Some people like to think of manifesting as chanting affirmations, like “I am successful” while creating a vision board with pictures from magazines of your ideal life. While this might be helpful, the core of manifestation is asking yourself what you believe is possible for you, and exploring what you feel worthy of calling into your life. Belief structures both conscious and subconscious make up the most important factor in determining whether you can land that dream job, or ideal life partner.

It’s less if you build it (the vision board), they will come, and more do you know exactly what you want and are you prepared to not settle for less. In short, do you feel worthy of creating the life of your dreams?

A great place to start is expanding what beliefs you hold that may stand in your way. So say you want that job, with the better title, more flexibility and better salary. But you may not even believe that is possible for you, from your current situation. One of the best ways to get from Point A to Point B is to first find people who act as way guiders. Years ago people may have called them role models or mentors, but essentially you are looking for anyone who is both relatable to you, and is doing the thing that you want to be doing. If you can’t find someone who is doing exactly what you want, and relatable to you in some way (gender, socio-economic background, age), look for someone who has at least some of the qualities you hope to achieve, just to get started. Essentially, “if she can do this, and I’m like her in many ways, that I can too.” What you are doing is showing your brain and belief system that yes it is possible. Once you have this blueprint in your subconscious it creates new neural pathways of possibility. You will start looking for and finding ways to create this new reality, because you now believe it is possible for you.

Create a list of what you would like to manifest in your life.

Be specific, and describe the values and feelings of the goals you want to see as realities in your life. What is the underlying feeling you are hoping to create? Focus on this and the actual human value and quality of your manifestation item. So if you want to manifest a house, ask yourself what this represents for you, such as security, belonging, and the beginning of creating a family. What would the house need to look and feel like, to meet these values and qualities for you?

Explore limiting beliefs as to why this may not be possible for you.

A big myth in manifestation is that you have to keep everything positive all the time, and chant uplifting manifestations. What is much more valuable is exploring how you feel about the goal, and why you feel it’s just out of reach. Ask yourself what it is that is truly holding you back. Instead of trying to keep everything glossy and chipper, really look at why you believe you may not be deserving of having that specific goal, relationship, or dream home as part of your every day life.

Find way guiders.

Look for people relatable to you who have gone from being in a position similar to you, to achieving the life goal that you want to manifest. If you can’t find people in your direct circle and every day life, look further afield to people you read about and even celebrities that you find relatable. By training your brain that it is possible for someone else, you will begin to change your neural pathways, and expand old limiting beliefs to now include your new vision.

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