The energy centres of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is the philosophy associated with the study of Judaism and the Old Testament. It is considered the esoteric side of Judaism.

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The Kabbalah likens the body to a tree; a tree of life regarded in the ancient texts as 10 energy centres called Sephirots. It is similar to how energies flow through the chakras and the tree makes it possible for the energy to manifest in different areas of our life on earth. Each of the centres can assist you to balance and heal your body. Knowing which centres affect what areas is a great start to the philosophy of the Kabbalah.

Kaballah Tree
  1. Kether is the first centre at the top of the tree of life. It is in one way similar to how we would speak of the top chakra. It is the connection to the divine. Working on this energy centre helps strengthen your connection to the universe. It is your divine essence and consciousness which lives on forever (like your soul) and connects your spirit to the divine.
  2. Chochma is the centre for expanding wisdom and positive energy. It feeds your intuition, insight and imagination. If you need to succeed in some area of your life, focus on Chochma. It also helps with your perspective and insight. It stands to the right of the tree (facing you).
  3. Binah is the centre for understanding and nurturing. It helps expand your wisdom and positive energy and so supports Chochma. It is to the left at the top of the tree.
  4. Chesed feeds your sense of charity and good deeds. It will help keep you aligned with your truth and release negative energies around you. This is found on the right of the tree under Chochma.
  5. Geburah is the energy for setting boundaries. This is the centre for discipline, for yourself and others. It can help you resolve conflict with others by setting boundaries. It is found to the left of the tree under Binah.
  6. Tiphereth is the energy centre for balance and harmony. It harmonises all the other centres and will balance you as a whole. For this reason, perhaps, it is found in the centre of the tree under Kether halfway down.
  7. Netzach helps you overcome obstacles and difficult times. When you focus on it, you connect to the earth so it grounds you. It is found underneath and to the right of Tiphereth.
  8. Hod helps you stay true to your path and reach your goals through perseverance. Look for it at the left of Tiphereth.
  9. Yesod is the centre for using divine energy to manifest your ideas into reality. It is grounding and will give you a sense of clarity and focus to assist you with manifesting. Yesod is directly under Tiphereth but towards the base of the tree.
  10. Malchut is the final part of the tree and the expression of the divine. It is the link of the divine through art, speech, writing and music. Malchut is found under Yesod and at the base.

If you are interested in learning more about the Kabbalah, you may like to search out a few authentic texts, such as the Zohar, to begin as well as find a traditional teacher who can give you genuine philosophical insight.

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