What does it mean when people talk about spiritual ascension?

Ascension happens when your vibration is raised. This means you progress in some way from your negativity and raise your vibration to that which is more positive in the light of your journey.

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Ascension is not as easy as some people say. It is a learning process so it is not ‘‘living in bliss’’ and all ‘‘honey and roses’’, so to speak. Sometimes you have to go through a lot, let go and give up a lot of things that are holding you back in your ascension journey. That is not always an easy process.

Often it is not easy to move on from negative patterns that have been entrenched for years, in some cases even lifetimes, depending on what you believe. So ascension is a slow process that takes time and effort on our parts. Things may be a bit easier now as there is an interplay of the galaxies, your horoscope, your numerology and the interaction of the planet with the rest of the universe, which is causing tumultuous changes in our perceived reality here on Earth.

Sometimes you have to go through a lot, let go and give up a lot of things that are holding you back in your ascension journey.

However, there are some positive things you can do to help your vibration become clearer to assist with your progress on your journey  — ways to transform your negative energy that will assist in your ascension. A good way to start is to remove alcohol and other intoxicants from your diet. Alcohol, smoking, drugs and any stimulants are well-known to fuzz up your mind and your energy. Alcohol is a depressant that often brings out your darker side and eliminating it from your diet not only enables clearer thinking but also clears out your etheric energy and spiritual body to some degree.

…ascension is a slow process that takes time and effort on our parts.

Cleaning up your negative energy often involves a process of ridding the negativity from your system. This can be done by writing down or speaking aloud your negative traits and replacing them with positive affirmations such as “I can do this” and “I am happy”. This helps to turn you towards a more positive mindset and, if you couple that with grounding your energy, it’s a great way to bring balance to your physical and energetic bodies.

Grounding involves earthing to the negative ions the ground emits, which affects your aura and electrochemical state in a positive way. Negative ions act as antioxidants that join up with free radicals and neutralise them. Add to this some fresh air and sunshine and a brisk walk outdoors in nature and the planet has provided you with a wonderful stress buster. Even a few hours spent in such a scenario is enough to help your mind, emotions and vibrations balance and settle. It assists with a calmer state and raises your vibration. In that way, the ascension process becomes easier.

Ascension can therefore be triggered by many things. Everything from where you go, what you drink and how you act, to what music you listen to and what you eat. That is why it is important to have a healthy, pure diet, take appropriate supplements to assist in optimum health, listen to positive music frequencies, burn sage or incense to clear the air, feed your mind positive information via what you read and meditate and/or pray in order to assist in your spiritual journey.

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